Friday, February 8, 2013

Tales of an ADD Gamer Part 4

SOOO its been awhile and I have been with out my computer for a long time. However, I am back in style now and my newest addiction is "Path of Exiles". For those of you who remember Diablo 2, Path of  Exile is a refreshing step in the right direction. It brings back the hay days of D2, but with an MMO twist. They have a micro-transaction based free to play business plan. It is still in open beta as of this post. The one other major difference between Path of Exile and D2 is the skill system. When playing D2, you're stuck with the skills and strengths of that class. Path of Exile has a much more non standardized approach to this. Your skill comes from gems which you can place into weapons and can be freely taking out and swapped around. I highly recommend this game if you enjoyed D2

[Pantheon] Buri

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