Friday, February 8, 2013

Tales of an ADD Gamer Part 4

SOOO its been awhile and I have been with out my computer for a long time. However, I am back in style now and my newest addiction is "Path of Exiles". For those of you who remember Diablo 2, Path of  Exile is a refreshing step in the right direction. It brings back the hay days of D2, but with an MMO twist. They have a micro-transaction based free to play business plan. It is still in open beta as of this post. The one other major difference between Path of Exile and D2 is the skill system. When playing D2, you're stuck with the skills and strengths of that class. Path of Exile has a much more non standardized approach to this. Your skill comes from gems which you can place into weapons and can be freely taking out and swapped around. I highly recommend this game if you enjoyed D2

[Pantheon] Buri

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Tales of an ADD gamer part 3

sorry about the delay for the new  post..

so yet again i an struck with gamiing add and now i am playing  Terraria now !!

Its like a side scroller minecraft with a lot more craftables and monster. You can also build houses for npc to come and inhabit like a merchant and a demolition expert and you can buy tnt and potions and its actuly really well put together game and its cheap. i say it is deffently a buy for the price.

[Pantheon] Buri

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Tales Of an ADD Gamer part 2!

So this week my gaming add has kicked in and i have dusted off another old game any of yall remember Ragnarok Online. I have forgotten how much fun it is, i also have talked a few of my friends in Pantheon Gaming. So we have a nice dungeon party rolling and i am rocking an AoE nuke Wizard and It is a blast !!! So if anyone wants to join us on Ragnarok Online we are playing on the Loki server HERE.

I love the art style in RO it very anime-ish and rather if i dare say "cute" but i enjoy playing it so much. i have forgotten how much of a blast it is to play with friends makes it even better

[Pantheon] Buri

Sunday, May 29, 2011

31 People Like me They really like me!!

So As you reward for being my loyal followers I give you these Wonderful Pictures my girlfriend took today at toy r's us.

Captain America gained a few pounds but he is still Americas number 1 super soldier.!!

 Thor Thinks you should praise him more for your protection.
Gotta Finance That VETTE   i really like this song by MC Chris.

Thor is sad now you not praise enough.

Thank you for the love

[Pantheon] buri

Friday, May 27, 2011

Tales From an ADD Gamer part 1

First off i would like to thank all of my follower for their growing support in helping me reach the big two zero (20) milestone!!!

So On today's episode i will be dusting of Day of  Defeat.Which is a first person shooter(is a play style were you see the hands and end of the gun as you would if you held on in your own hands in real life) set in world war 2 most maps are Allies (America) vs Axis (Nazi Germany). There is a nice variety of classes to choose from including Sniper, Heavy Machine Gunner, Infantry with rifles or sub-machine guns, Most maps are capture the control point Which is represented As a flag pole that waves the flag of the controlling force. There are some maps that have destroy target objectives. There is also a large variety of custom maps that have been made over the years that range from a monopoly board to Walmart.

To answer a comment  Friendly  Fire which is hurting your team mates is based on the server you join and rules are also according to the server you join. Some servers are "clean servers" which means that they do not tolerate Cursing Racial slurs or pornographic sprays. Other server are anything goes you can curse use slurs and spray porno.

The Graphic for the time that it was release were good but today it looks like you might as well be playing
Mine craft or Mario.

[Pantheon] Buri

Thursday, May 26, 2011

I want Your Opinion on This

Today i was having a debate with my girlfriend about whether or not it would be possible to attach a severed head to a different headless body under these circumstances :
1. This experiment is being conducted on parts that are less that 1 minute separation form the original bodies 
2. The parts are being artificially  kept in the ready state ¹
3. Effectively re-establish nervous system functions

¹ i am describing the ready state as the bodies have been hook up to a machine to pump in oxygenated blood and pump out the blood that need to be re-oxygenated. So that in this state the bodies will suffer minimal decay.

I think that this is a plausible experiment but  the one real problem that i can see is the damage to the spinal cord because at this time there is no procedure to repair a spinal cord. But with the research into to stem cells shows promise as a solution to repair the spinal cord and possible repair all the severed arteries and muscles. I will concede that is is quiet impractical. I read a fortune cookie that said " Everything is impossible until someone does it." and i think is a good way to think about this experiment.

[Pantheon] Buri

Tuesday, May 24, 2011